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    I keep coming across good merchants that don't have affiliate programs. Does anyone know of a good article explaining the basics of affiliate marketing to merchants that I could send them? It should at least start out pretty basic, since some of them barely even really understand the web at all. I could probably write one myself, but I don't really have the time right now.


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    Sent you a private message Bubbles.

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    Talk to some of the independent AM's like Andy or Linda, etc. They're continually finding (mostly) quality merchants & must have a winning sales pitch.

    Not that they'll give you the tricks of their trade, but might be able to point you in the right direction.

    Don't forget to include a short list of AM's including the above when contacting merchants so they have a logical next step in starting an affiliate program.

    I know a few merchants relevant to some of my sites that I'd like to interest in starting programs. Help would be welcome here.


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    Thanks Jason and NorthernStudio/Wayne.

    I've sent people links to this site and to share a sale a few times. But I've only been able to give very brief explanations of what affiliate marketing is so far. Probably not enough for them to really understand it. When I have the time I can write something better and stick it on a site some where.

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