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    Should I start an affiliate program for this site?
    I am considering starting and affiliate program for this website owner. Specifically, his "Blogging for Revenue" program.

    My question is two fold.

    Should I start an affiliate program in the blogging genre, and if so, should I invest the money to start one for this product?
    [link removed]

    Your insight and help is greatly appreciated.
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    Moderator Note: The link drop is not allowed. We get too many people trying to spam the forums to get backlinks, and it can be difficult to determine the intent of newbies who drop links. If you would like to post the URL without linking it (Go Advanced and uncheck "Automatically parse links in text"), you're welcome to do that.

    As for starting an affiliate program, I think it could be a good market. Blogging is huge and everyone is looking for ways to monetize their sites or blogs. I don't know if the product your friend is selling is actually helpful or just a scammy eBook, but if it's really helpful it could do well.

    The site likely needs a lot of SEO work. I searched for "blogging for revenue" and couldn't find anything that seemed like your friend's product.
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