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Thread: Chris Thompson Joins GHC

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    Thumbs up Chris Thompson Joins GHC
    Chris Thompson has joined Greg Hoffman Consulting as a Senior Affiliate Manager. Chris started his first internal affiliate program for an ISP client back in 1995. Since then he has managed many large programs both internally and for networks such as Commission Junction and ShareASale. He also has vast experience in sales, marketing and business development with very well known internet based companies.

    I first met Chris while we were managing competing coffee continuity programs. He was the affiliate manager for Boca Java while I was the manager for Cafe Belmondo, a sister company to Thompson Cigar. Boca Java eventually bought out Cafe Belmondo but I had moved on to better opportunities by then. When I introduced myself he said “Oh yeah you’re the Marketing Gorilla, I read your blog”.

    Chris was later the Marketing Director of Strategic Profits and oversaw all product development and marketing for the company. Strategic Profits is an infoproducts business run by Internet Guru Rich Schefren. During his time there, he oversaw 4 major product releases and helped to lift the company’s revenue by 25% all on a shoestring marketing budget (which he didn’t find out about until his first day on the job).

    Chris will be managing several new programs immediately and will be picking up more as we go. The firm is poised for growth and we plan to work hard to build strong individual relationships between merchants and affiliates in all the major networks. Watch for more updates this week as we have added a ton of new clients.

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    Congrats Chris and Greg!

    I enjoyed reading the bio and history of you two.

    Good luck and welcome Chris!

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    Thanks Ladi for the welcome. I have family from Massachusetts around the Plymouth area going back a few generations.

    Well I look forward to working with everyone and if anyone ever has any questions or comments feel free to either shoot me a personal message, or hit me up with an instant message.

    Affiliate Program Management is all about customer service and effective communication which is something I pride myself in being good at.

    Chris Thompson - [URL=""]Bordeaux Marketing Group[/URL]
    [URL=""]Affiliate Program Management[/URL] and [URL=""]Online Marketing Strategy[/URL]
    Check us out on our Facebook Fan Page at -

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    Welcome Chris! I'm sure you'll be a big help to Greg.

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    Congrats on growing your firm Greg!

    Congrats, and good luck Chris! You made a great decision to partner with Greg.


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    Looking forward to working with you Chris. We crossed paths when you were with Boca Jave and I'm positive our paths will cross at GHC.

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    Congrats on the growth Greg! I know what that feels like

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