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    Merchant Forum Package
    Hey everyone!

    I have been posting on ABestWeb about ways to improve my affiliate program and have gotten a ton of great responses. I am wondering if advertising here on ABestWeb is worthwhile?

    I am most interested in the Merchant Forum Package, which looks like it will put me on the homepage under ShareASale and under the ShareASale sub-forums. I am just wondering if any of the merchants who are currently using this advertising package are seeing a significant increase in performance for there affiliate program?

    I currently do not know the price for this package, but I have inquired and am waiting for a response. Not asking for a price check, just wondering if it is worth the money to advertise on ABestWeb with this package or not? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have done it for one of my old company I woked for. It gave my site a presence and visibility to my program.
    I like it and I was able to justify it. That was under the old management, Haiko so checkout the link.

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    Since quite a few good merchants use their ABW (sub)forums to announce promos, sales, new links, new banners, commission changes, contest, bonuses, etc, I'm sure you'll hear from some shortly.

    From an affiliate's POV, it helps let people know all about your program and that you are a responsive merchant, gives us a place to ask before signup and lets the community see how you deal with things in general. A good ABW presence can help immensely when deciding between working with program "A" or program"B", all other things being equal.

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