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    How do I find affiliates?
    As a merchant, how do you promote that you are looking for affiliates? I have created a facebook and twitter pages in hopes to increase my exposure to affiliates seeking opportunities. Does anyone have any other suggestions of where to try?


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    You can try a paid ad here at ABW. For $75 it is a good value.

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    The facebook page is a good move. Your next move in that direction should be to put in posts on the wall and recommend the page to friends. Right now the page has only 4 fans and that means it's not really reaching out as much as it should.

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    A couple other "easy" ones:

    1) An "Affiliates" link on your web site.
    2) Through the affiliate network that your program is in. (Obviously this won't work if you're an indie program.)

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    Nothing beats hunting for affiliates. Get out there contact webmasters and advertisers who are in your niche. Offer great payouts and services and you should have no problems.

    That's the old school way.

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