Hi folks, we run an in house affiliate management program and we are looking to add functionality for a datafeed and product showcase feature. Unfortunately, being new to both these areas, we are seeking some guidance from an expert. We are looking to build it top notch and to any 'standard' if there is one. The idea is to create both features in a way that is extremely easy to use and familiar to the majority of existing programs. I understand people who would be willing to assist us in this project are likely extremely busy, so we are in no way asking for a hand out. Instead we are willing to compensate for the time spent consulting with us. So basically, if anyone who knows the in's & out's of datafeeds, product showcase creators, and similar affiliate features, is interested in telling us how we should program the functionality for our in house program, we more than welcome your expert guidance. We appreciate your consideration. If you are interested in lending a few words of advice, please feel free to PM me or email me at sales@travel-intl.com. We want to do it correct from the start and with the expert guidance of an ABW member or two, we are more than confident we will achieve our goals