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    affiliate programs for pizza companies?
    Hey all,
    Do pizza companies like pizza hut or papa johns have affiliate programs in the US?
    I've googled and come up empty aside from a UK program for pizza hut.

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    That's a really interesting question. I don't think so, but someone might have better information than me. But Papa Johns, for example, promotes other companies (not sure if it's as an affiliate or if there's a more straightforward relationship), so that might be a clue of sorts.
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    Not really, they have very exclusive ad promotions from time to time. I ran a CPA for Pizza Hut awhile ago through for one of their new special deals. You really have to be far up on the food chain to get good campaigns.
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    I cant' imagine an affiliate program would be a huge success for a pizza company as most people keep those magnets on their fridge or gather the local coupons that come for those. With most pizzas being $7-$15 a pizza, what kind of commission would you offer the affiliate?

    In working with our schools, I've seen most pizza shops doing "local affiliate programs" if you could call them that, where it's basically a fundraiser and the pta's drive traffic to them on specific nights for a cut of the proceeds.

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    You might look at some of the fundraiser companies. Also, Entertainment Passbook and might be a good choice. Beyond that, if you have an idea that could generate a signficiant amount of business for one or more pizza companies, you might seek out bizdev people within those companies for some sort of private arrangement.

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