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    Can a Merchant with 2 websites use one merchant account?

    I have 2 websites, one that sells dietary supplements for humans and one that sells dietary supplements for dogs. So far just the pet website is on Shareasale. Would it be alright to put both sites and products under the same Merchant account since the products are similar? Or do you need a different Merchant account for each website you have?


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    You should ask SAS to be sure, but seeing as CSN is on there with about 200 websites it is probably OK with SAS to add another site. They can tell you all the how/what/etc.

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    With network specific questions like yours, you really need to contact the network directly to get the correct response.

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    When you say Merchant account, do you mean account to collect credit cards, or account with an affiliate network?

    If you mean credit cards, then you can use one merchant account as long as you make sure your customers understand when they get their statements. If they buy from and see an entry on their card from they will be confused. Make sure the name is generic enough to cover both and note the name they will see on the invoice.

    If you are talking about your ShareASale account, the answer is similar. Do you expect to have the same affiliates? Can you leverage both groups and make sure your marketing materials and newsletters to the affiliates are separated enough so that you don't get pet ads on human sites? If so, then yes you can use ShareASale for tracking sales through multiple sites (I've asked this).

    The only reason not to would be if the programs need to be separate to keep the affiliates straight.
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    We are about to open a second site for our checks business. I have corresponded with ShareASale and have been shown a couple of different solutions. You need to contact them directly and discuss your individual needs.
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    It is definitely possible depending on the network. That being said if they do share the same account you will find that one of the sites does not get the exposure as the other account. If you want solid programs with clear objectives for each site it would be best to split them IMHO

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    If they share the same shopping cart then yes if the network allows it. Moving this to the ShareASale forum.

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