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    are the AM able to see the payee`s name recorded in CJ?
    I just had a question on the my payee`s name.

    There was a discrenpancy between the domain register and the payee.

    Will CJ and Aff manager take that as fraud behavior ?

    Will the Affiliate Manger be able to see the payee`s name?

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    To my understanding the Publisher Detail shows your account name i.e. Joe Smith or J. S. Inc. Contact information is controlled by the affiliate and either shows your name/email or Account Manager (uses the internal email system).

    When we screen if we see a mismatch we decline unless you have good metrics in the network. Then we look further and try to find a match with site info or WhoIs. If the contact info does not match the site info we decline unless it is an affiliate name we know.

    Recommendation: until you establish good network numbers or a wide reputation do not hide your identity. Active AM's will decline you as there is too much fraud.

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