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    Hi All,
    First I want to make it clear that I am starting this thread with serious intension to seek advice, I do not expect that somebody here would click through my site’s affiliate link and join my affiliate program that way. I know, that ain't going happen! I am newbie and I joined this forum recently. I am running a content-based e-commerce site, wherein content is a prime source to attract customers. On an average I get 400 visitors everyday with 1000 pageviews means 2.5 pages average per visitor. All my major pages having good PR(5-6) and alexa ranking of site is below 100000. The flow of visitors is constant and I do not run any special promotional campaign for that, however my conversion rate is almost negligible.

    While browsing various posts on this forum I found tons of useful information and on that basis I revamped my site recently. I changed my home page, changed font and font color of all the inside pages, highlighted all major phrases in the content. I divided lengthy pages in parts and also introduced a navigation tool for easy navigation….

    Anyway, coming to the point, I want to know your opinion on following aspects:

    In present circumstances what should be my conversion ratio and what is the average conversion rate in such type of e-commerce sites that you are running through your networks?

    Probable reasons of negligible conversion rate
    Although I am targeting unique niche market with almost negligible competition and product that I offer is digital type product, still I am unable to get proper line of business in this sector, probable reasons of that.

    Do you like to suggest further improvements in site or you suppose that this site lacks certain things like lacking in generating credibility in minds of local viewers.

    Finally, if everything is in accordance with site then what steps I should take to generate targeted traffic in cost effective way. I seriously want to make money with affiliate marketing and willing to learn something and put in the effort.

    By the way my site is

    Sunny Kumar

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    Here's a few ideas, and please take them with, as one of my staffers used to say, a "grain assault"

    1. combining too much content with commerce is dangerous. I had a content site that had over 800,000 uniques a day and could never get em to buy any damned thing.

    2. Your index page has too many colors and fonts on it. It's like the early days of desktop publishing, people used lots of colors and fonts cause they could.

    3. Way to little of the index page is designed to selling something. Assuming someone is coming to your site from an affiliate program,, the site should scream and have 80%+ of screen space highlighting what's for sale.

    4. Overall, I'd suggest a simpler, easier navigation.

    "I feel that the greatest reward for doing is the opportunity to do more." Jonas Salk

    Good luck.

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    Hi CharmingHealth

    As a web developer and GUI designer, I can suggest a few things that jump out at me. These things may or may not help you with conversions, but they will make your site more aesthetically pleasing.

    Lets talk about the index page.

    I agree with NakedZombie in that the navigation is cumbersome. From what I can see, there are 13 buttons/areas to choose from (gasp!) I would combine some sections and narrow that down to three or four.

    The centered text really throws me off, it focuses my eyes to the middle of the page, completely away from the navigation on the sides. I would left justify that and only use BOLD for the areas you're trying to emphasize, rather than bold + color change.

    Your footer is nearly as 'heavy' as your main content. If you think of a page as header/body/footer ... the body should be the majority of the page, the footer should be minimal. While I realize you need a legal disclaimer, maybe there is a better way to display it.

    The order button should not blend in with the other buttons. Lets say I read one of your pages and think "Hey! They sold me!" ... now I have to search for an order button! Not good

    You're not really selling the customer on your index page. You are offering a product that eliminates unwated thoughts and negative emotions. Shouldn't you present them with the problem, before presenting them with the solution?

    For instance, take a drug company's website:

    They sell the problem, people think "Wait, I have that problem!" then they click to read about how Nexium can help them. I feel that if you follow this model, you may have more success.

    As far as the content pages of the site, they are pretty colorful as far as text goes ... I'd tone that down. It almost looks like text you'd find on eBay


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    So you are not actually selling a product?

    I just cannot imagine anyone paying money after having to fill out all of those fields you have for your Questionnaire.

    Your site justs looks more like an information site than a sales site

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    Central/Western NY State
    and you can probably disregard the Alexa rating. this rating changes every time you yourself look at the page while their search bar is on your computer.

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    far far away....
    some food for thought....

    I was interested in joining your program... because I am interesed in aromatherphy...

    However your site is way to confusing... and I know you weren't going to convert my leads...

    so i passed...

    It's like the other have said... you need to provide enough info for the customer to say... hmmm...

    I need that!

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    Take a peek at our site, we use content as lure too:

    daily cartoon:

    daily blog:

    free games, shirt, designs:

    stuff we designed, but don't use:

    Slogan of the Moment:

    Be naked, do good:

    But, I think you would agree, everything, everything is about getting visitors to stuff something in the shopping cart.

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    hi charming health, might try experimenting with the very design you have but using a variation of the same color instead of many different colors. It might be easier on the eyes. I like the floral template, but maybe it should be more toned down (ie. maybe two or three shades of the same color instead of multiple colors).

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    Hi all,

    Taken into account all the suggestions and after reading no. of threads on abw forum, I decided it is far better to redesign the entire site rather making some corrections or applying patches everywhere, accordingly I have redesigned the entire site once again, this time I concentrated mainly on simple design, easy navigation, least graphics, cool color combinations and tried to convey my message in a simple and straight way.

    I uploaded this new version on 1st of June and watching visitors’ reactions. To my surprise conversion rate has been slightly improved. Page view ratio per visitor has raised up to 3.5 pages per visitor –earlier it was 2.5, however I know this is not sufficient and still requires certain modifications…since joining abestweb forum, it helped me a lot, so I would like to know your opinions once again, like what steps should be taken to generate targeted traffic to a site. I hope I can learn something with your support and that can be put in the effort in a practical manner because I am well aware of the fact that one cannot learn swimming by downloading e-book on ‘How to learn swimming?’ similarly AM cannot be learnt by reading E-books on it or downloading a magical software that generates, manufactures, reproduces or delivers super affiliates!

    Please visit my site and post your suggestions…

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