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    Every once in a while I (well all of us affiliates) receive emails asking us to join a particular affiliate program. Some affiliates join some not, but assuming the affiliate applies to that program, there should be a mechanism for automatic acceptance.

    A few days ago (or was it a week) I was asked to join a program, I did when I receieved the email, today I got a rejection email. It was obviously a mistake and when I asked, the AM told me that there wasn't anyway to auto-accept when an affiliate is invited and that was why the mistake was made.

    I propose that this network (and probably all others who read this message) should add a option as part of the invitation procedure for automatic acceptance of any affiliate who has been asked to join a program.
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    I think that is a logical request for a great addition to most networks.

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    Great feedback. I will pass to product management.

    Thank you,


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