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    I used to sell on eBay. But gave it up about a month ago. On April, 23rd one guy from Taiwan bought a bag and a wallet from me. He paid me $330(S&H included). I send the package to him. And yesterday I got a letter from PayPal. They took back my money because this guy said he never received anything from me. Well, I don't know what to do. I lost both my money and my staff.
    I'm going to write a letter to them but I don't think it is going to help. One of my friends lost his money that way too(but it was $110). How can I prove that I send the package to him and how can I prove that he didn't get it.
    Anybody ever had such an experience? Please, advice.
    Thank you!

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    Do you have the shipping receipt?

    Depending on how you shipped the parcel -- you should have a tracking code on it (receipt), especially if it was international mail.

    You can check at for tracking if you mailed it.

    If it wasn't delivered, you'll need to track it down with whoever shipped it -- usps, fedex, ?.

    If you don't have a shipping receipt, sounds like you're out of luck.

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    Did you ship the package to the buyer's confirmed mailing address? It would have shown whether the address was confirmed or unconfirmed on PayPal.

    If it was unconfirmed, you are likely out the money and the merchandise. This is a scam lots of people fall for. They have the seller send stuff to an unconfirmed address, then complain they didn't receive it. PayPal always refunds the money, and the seller is left holding an empty bag.

    The lesson is: don't EVER ship to an unconfirmed address, and put a stipulation in your sales terms that shipping addresses must be confirmed on PayPal or you won't ship. It avoids lots of problems.

    Sorry to hear the bad news, I hope things work out for you. Please let us know.


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    I send most of my stuff ground shipping and always request a receipt. The post office may have a receipt for the item if you remember the exact day you sent it.

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