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    Hi I need help

    I am trying to dispay the tite of the item the user searches for but I don't want the product number along with it for example

    I use the {title} tag and it shows for instance

    a Book called "The Help (0399155341)" THE HELP is the name of the book and the number after it is the item number. I don't want to see the item number in this situation

    ANY WAY of performing this task PLease? I looked all over the associate engine page



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    The tag {title} contains the ASIN number in that situation. Sitemaps reports warnings (not errors) if it sees pages with identical <TITLE> tag. The ASIN was added to the title in v9.08.17 so that every product page would have a unique <TITLE> tag even if several products have the same name (e.g.: hardcover and softcover versions of a book).

    The tag {titleGeneral} does not contain the ASIN. The {titleGeneral} tag is available in the beta version; download from:

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    cool... thx

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