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    quick question on finding an affiliate program
    I'm a Jeff Walker trained Product Launch manager, so I'm basically a consultant for different businesses. I like rounding out my client's sales funnels with affiliate offers, but it's frustrating trying to find good programs! I tend to have a new client or two every month I need to do that with, and I'm getting tired of researching the slow way.

    with some clients it's not too tough, but I'm having more trouble with a scrapbooker and an organic produce delivery client. Clickbank usually has poor looking sales pages, and I don't want to hurt the client's image... so that leaves CJ, amazon, etc.

    You know what I'd really like? An affiliate program maven. Someone that just knows how to find the perfect complimentary offers every time, so I suppose this is a shout out. I'm looking to network with the right person, and help you out in exchange. In lieu of an ongoing relationship with the right person... I'd settle even for a better tool than (edited out)
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    Shouldn't whoever you're looking for be the consultant?

    With something like scrap booking, you can just put that word into the search at places like CJ or Shareasale etc. and scrap booking merchants will pop up.

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