A couple more contextual adware companies out there:

1. LinksAdor: These guys appear to be an affiliate themselves as well. At first I wasn't sure if the aff links belonged to them or not. I've since found more than one affiliate site and have been able to make ID matches as well as confirm the ID belongs to them with at least one merchant. I don't know to what degree their own affiliate sites have any activity on them.

They have been connected in the past with another adware application that hijacked the browser and delivered end users to a fake Google page.

Along with their own contextual adware application, they bundle other adware with their installs. For example, I got an install of AdParatus (another contextual adware application that in the old days went under ClickSpring...some veterans will recognize that name!).

I have already made private contact with some folks regarding this application as it appears they may well be an affiliate too. I will post more details of that in the area for networks and managers.

While many who are promoting PPV/CPV marketing through adware are making a point that these type of software are NOT spyware, this particular application would most likely be classifed as spyware (tracking software) by security companies as well as adware. It transmits back to the LinksAdor servers information about every single web page called out to on the end users computer. That includes calls made by their competitors software. Hmmm, nice for them I would imagine. It also goes to the point that many who are promoting PPV/CPV don't know squat about the actual technology they are pimping & I doubt many have ever installed the software and analyzed it's behavior.

Zango used to do this type of tracking. They admittedly sold that information collected. After some back channel talk, they eventually stopped engaging in this type of behavior. Another big hmmm...think about it.

2. Favorit Network: These guys appear to be outside of the US, specifically Barcelona, Spain.

They marketing themselves as a network to allow software developers to monetize their software, by bundling their contextual ad-serving technology. They also have their own software they distribute with the contextual software.

I've found several sites connected with Favorit Network, but have yet to find a site for buying advertising through them. I'm still digging around and it may just be that I haven't found it yet (it's not uncommon for the distribution and ad buy sites to be different & on different IP or IP blocks).

Most of the ads I've seen so far through the software go back to another company, but the same company. I'm digging there as well to see if there is a connection between the 2 companies.

3. JemaMedia: New on the scene. Not much information on them yet. Their site is not very informative in the least. I'm still checking them out, but justnoting they are out there.
At this time, I'm not ruling out them acting as an affiliate themselves. While most of the ads so far are connected with CPA networks (there are some exceptions like AffiliateWindow), I am seeing some major US brands show up in the displays.