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    Datafeed codepage transformation
    Hi all,

    Sorry if this is a newbie question, but anyone knows how feed providers (cj and shareasale in particular) are working with the codepage of feeds of their merchants? Do they transform it from the original, which was set by merchant itself, or do they leave it at it was?

    Many thanks for help

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    not sure about if and when the codepages are changed. Are you having an issue? Is it XML or CSV? Seeing strange characters?

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    Dave, yep, strange characters (cj csv, shareasale txt), but to fix them I need to know if there were some transformations (for example, cj gets data with character_encoding1, and then transforms it to character_encoding2 while generating their csv - in this case there is nothing I can do) or they don't mess with codepage at all (and here comes restoration magic .

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    On SAS the datafeeds are not all using the same codepage so I would guess that SAS does not do anything with them. Whatever the merchant puts up is what it is.

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