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    Below is an email that i received from last night. It is follwoed by a couple of responses. - "This is an automated notification regarding a commission change for the MyToyBox ShareASale Affiliate Program.

    This merchant has made a change to their default commission rate.

    Previous Per Sale Commission: 8.00%
    New Per Sale Commission: 5.00%"

    My Response - "That's Ridiculous" - An automated response with no explanation doesn't deserve an adequate detailed response from em either.

    MyToyBox.xom - "Anthony,

    Given current economic conditions and competitive forces we believe that 5%is the appropriate commission rate for most of our affiliates. In reality, we probably should have made this change a year ago however we could not put it off any longer.

    We realize that our program may not be a fit for everyone. If you believe our program is not a fit for you, feel free to remove yourself from our affiliate program"

    Obviously I will drop this merchant as it has become clear to me that they don't care if they retain affiliates.

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    I also got the email and the same thought occurred to me.

    Made me wonder:

    (1) Who is this program managed by since it was not signed.

    (2) Drop this merchant since there are others out there with higher rates, including Amazon with the same shhhtufff.

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    1) They should be signing all communications with a real name and good contact information.

    2) We don't know their margins. It could be that 8% is just too high and they can't afford to pay that much. I don't know their net margin, overhead, or wholesale prices. I do know that they are likely higher than Amazon which can lower prices due to automation and volume.

    The realities of business may just be that they can only pay out 5% and have a viable affiliate program. They don't say that affiliates are bad or not needed. They are not dropping affiliates based on performance, volume, or other reasons.

    This industry was founded on the basis of coming up with something that works for both parties. When I am an affiliate, I test out a merchant and if it works I keep up with it. If not, I drop them and go on my way without complaining about the merchant. As a merchant, I come up with an offer that I think is high enough to entice affiliates and low enough to allow us to make enough money for the business to be worthwhile.

    I have to agree with the merchant's statement. If the program does not work for you, drop the merchant.
    Brad Waller | VP, Business and Affiliate Development

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    They should be signing all communications with a real name and good contact information.
    The email is an automated email that is generated from shareasale when a merchant changes commission. We all asked for that on abestweb and they implemented it - yea! I have seen 3 so far and they are all the same format. It does look like it comes from the merchant as it has their return email address.

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