I m trying to set up a small affiliate network using PHP pixel tracking. Let me first explain what i am trying to do:

step 1 : examplea.com -> cookie is set using a redirecting PHP script(placed on domain-b.com) when a link to exampleb.com is clicked from this domain
step 2 : exampleb.com->main website -after a certain browsing user reaches examplec.com
step 3 : examplec.com -> when user reaches the thankyou page i placed a img tag with src = PHP confirmation script.(which confirms the cookie-placed on exampleb.com)

Everything is working like charm with Chrome and FF but IE is not able detect or recognize the cookie inside the confirmation script on step-3. Cookie is set on exampleb.com and retrieved on the same domain.

I am not able to find any specific reason for this.