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    Why No Redirect Links
    Some CJ merchants have "redirect" links that let you put in any url from the merchant site and get a link for it. other merchants don't have redirect links or even product links. how hard is it to handle these redirect links? is there a good reason why a merchant would not offer one? would it be out of line for superCool to request one?

    superCool thinks deep linking is a pretty big deal. how can you promote a product without it?


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    Some merchant websites can handle requests for specific landing pages when generating affiliate links and some merchant websites can not. It's all about how the merchant website has been set up. For a merchant to handle requests for specific landing pages when they have not previously done so, they will have to make some changes to the website code. How hard it can be again depends on how the merchant website was set up. I see no harm in requesting the merchant to enable you to specify the landing page when you generate affiliate links.
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    I agree with supercool, redirecting is a very handy and necessary function for publishers

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