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    What will happen if the CJ linkID expires?
    I usually keep all those expired links on the site. If the user clicks an expired link and that link routes the user to the merchant's homepage, will I get commission on the purchase the user made on the merchant's site?

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    Not always, usually the visitor will see the "Link has expired" page CJ has. The software in my sig (Manage Affiliate Links) prevents this.

    Also, when you log into CJ in the bottom right they show which links that are expired have been clicked on. This lets you know you need to update them.
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    This actually came up just this week in our program. Below is the response I got from my CJ Account Manager / Tech Team:

    "I walked to over tech to get full details on this–

    All links that are expired should still track as long as a valid CJ relationship exists between publisher and advertiser. When a relationship is expired, then the person clicking through the ad will be sent to a CJ 'does not exist' page and the CJ Advertiser link no longer works or tracks that page."

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