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    Dealth of a Rock n' Roll Legend: Johnny Maestro
    I learned earlier today of the death this past week of one of the great stars of the early days of authentic Rock n' Roll, the fabulous Johnny Meastro.

    Johnny's breakthrough came with the group the Crest, that made music history in the late 1950s, not just for his unique style and for their great sound, but also as they became one of the first, and maybe the first, successful interracial musical groups.

    He later went on to even greater fame and success with the group the Brooklyn Bridge, with whom he continued performing until only a few weeks ago when he became too sick to continue.

    Probably his most remembered recording was The Angels Listened In. This is an old recording and the video shows an actual performance by the Crests from likely the late 1950s or early 1960s.

    His recording of Sincerely is another classic, but ....

    The song that best displayed his style and his great voice, is You'll Never Walk Alone, that generally was the finale to his live performances. This recording was made when Johnny was an unbelievable 70 years of age.

    RIP, Johnny.

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    jacked by sylon

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    My favorite Brooklyn Bridge song: - awesome song that didn't get the recognition it should have when released. Think I discovered it years later when a man I was wild for got married LOL

    Loving Everyone's Child Creates Magic

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    Dating myself.... actually had Johnny and the Brooklyn Bridge as the lead group for my Senior Prom on Long Island.... back in the 70s.... Talk about a great prom slow song...."Girl, I heard you're getting married.." They played it 3 times during the long night! Awesome memories.

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