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    Prospective Golf Training Aid SAS Merchant

    My company is looking for feedback before we take the plunge into Affiliate marketing. I'd really appreciate anything anyone has to offer.

    Background: Our product sells well when we get traffic to our website. Unfortunately we've not been successful at driving significant traffic to our website.

    Q: Does anything stand out about our website that might limit its effectiveness under an affiliate program?

    Q: We've been using Paypal Standard Web Payments so far. We are now set up and ready to transfer over to Paypal Pro and are considering integrating a simple 3rd party checkout system that works seamlessly with SAS. Any recommendations? I've read "Landing Page Optimization" by Tim Ash and realize the simplest and least invasive checkout process would be ideal. Perhaps Mal's? We don't want a complicated shopping card system.

    Q: Our philosophy is to be as generous as possible with anyone involved in the chain of sales but of course we need to make money ourselves. Would 25% commission on a $24.95 product be enticing enough?

    Q: Is SAS the right choice?

    Q: Is an affiliate program even appropriate for us?

    Our website is

    Thank for your time, and for this great resource.

    Stephen Evans
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    Welcome to ABW Stephen, Saturdays aren't the best days for quick answers, but here's a few tips-
    The place to post your site for feedback and review is at

    For Merchant Best Practices to help you fine tune your program pre-launch, see

    Affiliate friendly policies are spelled out at

    To get the most out of ABW, see

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    Looks like a cool product, and something that would do well with an affiliate program.

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    I have to agree with Michael, it looks like a good. product for an affiliate program. Back in my golfing days I probably would have bought it.

    One thing though, on your about page, I think a picture of the founders on a golf course rather than a sailboat would be more appropriate.
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    Hello, Stephen. Welcome to ABestWeb. You've come to the right place to ask your question.

    I've got to agree with Michael and John. That looks like a great product for an affiliate program. Make sure to look through the links (info) that 2busy listed for you.

    You mentioned ShareASale, which I believe would be a good network for your product. We opened a small program there last fall and are so pleased we will be opening another one with them next week. SAS is affordable, yet has good reach and good tools.

    It also looks like a cool training aid for a golfer. Back when I golfed a LOT I probably would have bought one - but the technology to make it work wasn't around yet. I may get one as a gift for my S-I-L, who is a very good golfer - but always looking to improve his game.
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    Thanks 2busy for your quick response and for the links. I will of course read through them all.

    And thanks Michael, John, and Bill for the feedback.

    John, good point about the golf photo instead of sailing. My business partner is a non-golfer but I should be able to dress him up for the occasion. He actually has quite a good "natural" swing.

    Bill, that's motivating to hear you found success with SAS. So far it's been a tough slog out in the wild trying to market our product, so it will be refreshing to find a company that offers genuine bang for the buck.

    Anyway, after I read through the links and make any obvious updates, perhaps I'll post to the thread 2busy suggested for a site review.

    PS. thanks to the moderator (MichaelColey?) for moving this thread to an appropriate place.

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    I have an affiliate friend who I'm sure would love to promote this product - will look out for it being available soon.

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    I've got a travel niche site I'm retooling and could use it in my upcoming "golf" section. Seems like a pretty handy aid for the serious golfer.

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    I think that about settles it. Thanks for the feedback ContentQueen and Joey.

    I'm currently investigating a few things re: checkout process, and continuing to read through these forums, but hopefully I'll have something up and running soon.

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