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    Social Bookmarking Question
    Hi all,

    I have been doing ok in my niche but it's time to grow and really learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing so that I can become far better. Unfortunately, you lot are going to be hit with a lot of inane questions...

    I'm sorry if this is a really silly question but I'm following a system which is now telling me to bookmark my articles - what is bookmarking and why is it useful to do this?

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    it means you are supposed to have your website either somewhere in the article or below the article in the author spot or in the credits somewhere. this is for when your articles are listed on one of those article sites people might click the link and goto your site, and google picks up the link and gives you better page rank

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    Hey ContentQueen,

    Remember to stick to 10-12 SB sites because if you do a million of them Google will see that as spam, which will have adverse side effects on your sites rankings. I have a list of good ones to stick to if you are interested just pm me
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    Thanks! I haven't got the privilege to pm yet so will contact you in a week or so for that.

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