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    Question ?
    Can anyone give me feedback on this affiliate network? They do not list their phone number on the site and I tracked down 'bret's' profile on a bestweb - but the number on his profile doesn't seem to work and the posts all date back pretty far.

    Is this network still being managed effectively enough to consider joining?

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    "They do not list their phone number on the site"
    "the number on his profile doesn't seem to work"
    "the posts all date back pretty far."

    i don't know anything about them other than your post (I did look at the site and the profile). To to answer your question about "managed effectively enough to consider joining?" Evidently not.
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    They had a forum here, several years ago:

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    I haven't heard that name in a long time. As I recall, I didn't do much with them. (If I did, I would still be with them today)
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