I've just finished updating the top 10 individual selling product links for the deb shops program! To find them in your buy.at managment area, click on Make Links. Select Text Links, deb shops as your program, deep links as your creative type and individual top sellers as your creative group, and you're all set!

Some interesting facts from the top 10 products:

  1. 50% of the top selling dresses are Junior Plus and 40% are Junior sizes.
  2. 90% of the top selling styles are ballgowns.
  3. The one item on the list that was NOT a dress was deb shops' patent uptown heels.
  4. deb shops is currently running the Find Flossie the Pink Poodle promotion until April 5th. If the item you choose has the pink poodle icon, you can save up to 50%! Plus, all orders ship via ground delivery for just $5! No coupon code necessary.

Happy selling!