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    Thinking about a Creative Commons license
    One highlight [for me] of SESNY 2010 was meeting David Meerman Scott and receiving an autographed copy of his book World Wide Rave.
    The main themes of the book that inspire me are the themes of making it easy for other people to learn about your ideas and to spread your ideas [Google his name & you'll find some examples]

    I was wondering if anyone used Creative Commons licensing along with copyright on affiliate material [i.e. affiliate blogs]?

    I thought of one example of a famous blogger who uses Creative Commons: Boing Boing.

    One of David Meerman Scott's "Rules of Rave" is to "Lose control" [or at least make it easier for the potential customer to access and to share information from your site]. There are a variety of licenses to choose from at Creative Commons. I was wondering if anyone here uses such a license or would consider doing so?
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    So no one has thought about my post?

    I found some useful articles on the subject of driving traffic from the facilitated dissemination of one's ideas via a Creative Commons license:

    Use A Creative Commons License As An Online Marketing Tool

    Why bloggers should blog under Creative Commons license

    Building Links with Creative Commons

    Leverage Your Article Marketing with a Creative Commons License
    I especially thought that this advice was helpful while choosing a license:
    It is best not to allow any modification of your articles because this could dilute their value. You want to brand yourself as a trusted resource in your area of expertise. If someone is allowed to modify your content, this could lead to negative branding for you and your web site. With than in mind, do make sure that you put a lot of thought into the type of creative commons license you choose. Creative commons licenses are non-revocable.

    Using Creative Commons to Stop Scraping <<=interesting angle

    Any thoughts/discussion after reading these articles?
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    My guy uses Creative Commons licensing for his images & videos - but they are not on affiliate sites (yet). If you are showing your own images on your affiliate site it would make sense to use that kind of licensing.

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