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    Can someone help me with CJ and direct linking
    Ive been asking questions about direct linking and CJ in other threads but I think my question may be more appropriate here.
    I am new to CJ all Im trying to figure out is how to direct link to one of my affiliate programs. The program I am accepted
    too allows direct linking but when I go to get a link it gives me a large text link code. What do I use for the direct link? The href= tag? also will Cj track my clicks and credit my sales without the

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    yeah you need the href which will be a ton of numbers and stuff after it too. Just take the stuff in the quotes; that is your unique url.
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    I noticed that the first number is the same for all banners but the second is unique.

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    While they will track everything without the image tag, you might want to inform the program manager that you are doing this. It is easy to assume fraud when a manager sees sales with seemingly zero hits to their creative.

    When I place ads into our classifieds they can't show the image tag, and I tell the program manager to make sure they are OK with it.
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    Thanks for the info.

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