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    Couple of questions:

    1.) Do all 3 big houses (SAS, CJ, LS) calculate EPC the same way, as in True EPC/100?

    2.) If you are doubling the EPC for a particular merchant consistently, are you lucky or good? (This question is a bit more subjective... )
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    I remember when i first started being confused about that since it seems CJ reinvented what it means and made EPC being per 100 clicks while i see other places listing it as per click. I know that didn't answer your first question, i would have to look but gotta order pizza

    As far as the second question. Means i'm (you're) good.

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    For sure, not all networks calculate EPC the same way. I know that before we started our own network, we'd run campaigns for some others boasting excellent EPCs only to find our results much lower... and that was with what we knew to be excellent traffic.

    So how could our results have been so far off from the "average"? Must be that many networks tinker with their posted EPCs.

    I won't say who, but there's one big network that offers campaigns specifically for newsletters, where the affiliate can select CPA or CPC ads for the same campaign. Ever notice that when you select their CPA ads, you never convert to earn more than their posted CPC? I always found that funny.

    I can say that there have been a few cases where we've tinkered with the EPC of the campaigns on, but only in extreme circumstances. For example, we had one affiliate send traffic by opening his tracking URL as an exit pop up. It of course completely killed the EPC of the campaign, making it look like a horrible converting offer when it was actually a pretty good one. Needless to say, we struck his numbers from the network EPC. It only made sense to do so.

    This might be a dirty little secret, but most networks tinker with EPC. Sometimes in a reasonable way, sometimes (and this is of course wrong) to artifically inflate affiliate interest.
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