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    Football Fanatics through Paypal
    Clicked a link through my site, 3/31 3:50 am CST. Tracked in SAS.

    Chose the Paypal option.

    Received "order shipped" email 3/31 at 10:45 am CST.

    Item arrived today, 4/2.

    Commission earned: $0.00


    I do know something, somewhere in their system tracks, I've had
    one sale appear in SAS. But mine apparently didn't make the cut.

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    Affiliate tracking when PayPal or Google Checkout is used is a problem with MANY merchants. If you do any significant amount of sales with any program that offers alternate checkout choices, I suggest doing test orders and let the merchant know if they don't track. It's just something merchants don't think to test.

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    Arghhhhhhhh - How long have we been developing affiliate tracking software and it STILL isn't accurate? Is it even a priority in anyone's mind other than affiliates who are regularly getting screwed, no matter how well we cover our butts?

    This makes me sooooo crazy

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    This is very frustrating. Merchants need to understand that their responsibilities for running an affiliate program don't stop once they've created a few banners. And networks definitely need to step up to the plate and educate merchants and then audit them to insure that tracking is implemented correctly across ALL platforms. There really is no excuse for this.

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    I just saw this thread, please email me the order number to and I will make sure credit is given. Once I am able to see where the sale reported in our system, I can then figure out what happened here.

    What doesn't make sense to me is that it tracked on SAS with a $0 amount but I will look into it. Please include your SAS ID in the email.
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