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    September 12th, 2005
    Footsmart datafeed dead links
    all my datafeed links for footsmart say this

    This link is not active.

    Please go back to the previous page.

    anyone else got the same problem?

    also conversions droped like a rock lately just me or everyone else in the same boat?

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    September 12th, 2005
    Ok i solved this problem and im pretty annoyed to say the least

    It seems for some absurd reason footsmart made there buyurl huuuuge its like 500chars long and i had it set to a max of 255 chars and it was cutting the end off the buyurl off.

    why an earth do u need a buyurl a mile long footsmart??? and why did you not warn your affiliates of this change??? ( not happy!)

    Further more the images in your feed are poster size, who the hell needs and image that takes up most of the page???? (yes i can chage this with a bit of code but why should i need to, the images are a crazy size)

    In summary, buyurl's were changed to a huge lenght without so much as a warning to affiliates which caused my site to be disfuctional for 2 days till i figured out the problem.

    Images are huuuge and is no need for a poster sized image on my site

    and finally conversions have been pretty bad for a while now, not just when the feed had issues, so what was once a good merchant is now becoming a crap 1

    Not good enough footsmart!

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    January 18th, 2005
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    I think I have URLs in my databases set to 255 characters, too. There's no reason for a company to have such ridiculously long URLs.

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    September 12th, 2005
    Yeah exactly, look at cj links they are as long as a link needs to be, all this encryption/redirection/ is so not nessasary.

    Another thing that is strange which both footsmart and have done is to change the name of the datafeed links within reporting from DDI LINK to Primary link which if u click on primary is a banner so wtf? is completely unnessary and confusing.

    Mabey a heads up to affiliates before you start messing with there income might be nice?

    I doubt the merchants would like having 0 sales for days on end!

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    June 21st, 2007
    We have notified Footsmart of the issue and they are looking into it and hope to resolve shortly.

    Thanks for letting us know.

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