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    SEO is money
    Free search traffic means 100% profit.

    SEO means more free search traffic.

    So, just thought I'd sign up to this site since its where all the fashionable people are but I'm sad to see nobody is willing to talk shop on SEO. I'd love to hear of affiliate sites getting 1000's of hits a day as a result of some SEO elbow grease, anyone have any stories?

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    talk shop on SEO
    Most of the talk about SEO online is either speculation or regurgitation of stuff that used to work 8 years ago.

    It seems that there's two types of SEO's. Those who talk/speculate/regurgitate, and those who just do it. Those who do it don't talk about it; that would be tantamount to leaving the front door of a jewelry store unlocked at night in a bad neighborhood.
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