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    Hi Folks

    Given the near ubiquity of the / programs and the sheer number of global affiliates, I would like to propose that someone at atbestweb instigate a forum to discuss these programs in particular.

    If any group of affiliates need a voice, it is the affiliates of these programs.

    Pipe up and be heard.

    Any takers?

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    I searched, and only found a handful of threads from the past several years (excluding threads where the thread was primarily about another company). If Art.Com / wants a private forum here, they're welcome to buy one, but they're not a significantly large enough part of the industry to merit a free forum here. You're welcome to talk about the in the Midnight Cafe or the In-House Affiliate Programs forum.

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    Question How did you know Bobcat
    How do you know about the 'sheer' numbers of the affiliates at

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