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    Question Can I work on a redirected domain?
    I have a domain redirected to another site. Can I install and work on WP while it is redirected? In other words can I keep the curtains closed while I remodel, then open up the curtains for all to see (canceling the redirect).


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    I'm not the most technical person in the world so I may not be the best person to try to answer this, but it might depend on how you have the redirect setup. Are you doing it thru an .htaccess file or are you using something like the settings in CPanel to forward it.

    My guess is that you need to have the site "live" (as in not be forwarded by cpanel settings) and then have the /index.html, asp, etc. page forward to the other site making sure that the default homepage of wordpress is still viewable if you type it in correctly. You'd make your default home page in your .htaccess file /index.htm or something being careful not to make it index.php as any and all index pages in wordpress won't work (don't ask how I know that LOL)

    There is also a plugin to make a custom "under construction" homepage that you enable when working on your site that you could use too. Best option probably depends on your traffic load.

    Other option is to develop it somewhere else, and then move it in place once you get it built.

    Hopefully others will chime in here.
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    Don't know whether this plugin might be a solution to you concerning WP. I haven't tried it myself, but I ran onto the link for it and it looks like something I've been looking to use.

    Has nothing to do with domain redirects, but it does seem to be a way to work on a WP site while showing "maintenance" site to public:
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    There are hosting services give you a temporary web address. You can use the temporary address when developing your wordpress site, and when it's ready you can change your name servers to point to the wordpress site.
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