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    Excessive chargeback MATCH list

    Does anybody know about that list? I tried to get my company a merchant account, and there were two acquirers who were interested initially, but then both of them refused to take in my application because they found my previous company, which was in the US (my current company and me are in Canada), by my personal name, to be in the "Excessive chargeback MATCH list".

    I don't even know who added me to that list, I didn't know anything about it before. I admit my chargeback level could have been more than 1% at some point in time. But what bothers me is that the two acquirers had refused to tell me who added me to that list.

    I would like to dispute my presence in that list. And I think it is unfair not to let one know by whom they were added to some list. I see no reason for that.

    Does somebody know how to get that information on who had added my name to that list?

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    You'll have to go back to your previous processor. They are probably the ones who put you on the list and they are the only ones who can take you off. It is going to get much more difficult to obtain an account for any type of online business. New requirements are being placed by Visa & MC for all ISO's and sponsoring banks. Depending on your situation and what types of Products/ volumes your are planning to run my advice would be to contact CCBill. They have the relationships in place as well as the customer service to keep you up and running. As long as you have not been TMF ed you should be ok to work with them. Email me and I'll give you some contact info for them. We have many merchants who use them and are very happy with their level of service. It is very hard and costly from an advertiser standpoint to manage everything they do. Our advertisers have found that it is much more cost effective as well.
    Good Luck!

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    Thank for your reply. Please check your PM.

    I dealt with more than one processor. I'm now checking with one of them to find out who actually placed me on that list, but the other one (VolPay) no longer exists. So if it was VolPay, how could I get my name removed?

    Also, how long can a name be on that list?

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    a little late to post, but hopefully some useful information
    If you're still having problems placing your company with a merchant account, maybe I can help? We own a small company that specializes in placing companies with high risk merchant accounts. If you're previous company is still making it hard on you because of the chargeback percentages, we specialize in that area. Let me know, even if it's just for questions.


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    About 6 months ago I got hit with a bunch of fraud orders and did not know it. I ended up getting about 30 chargebacks in one month. Hopefully this will not get me over the 1% mark. My merchant has not said anything to me at this point.

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    If your business justifies having a merchant account, you should learn how to detect fraud up front. I have had a merchant account since 2002. Every chargeback but one was subsequently reversed; on the one, I missed the notification and did not respond in time. To get paid, I contacted the purchaser and he sent me a check. I also informed my merchant bank that the one chargeback was a mistake by the customer and they noted that in my account.

    There is a lot involved in managing a merchant account and if you want to use one you need to do a lot of self-education, and make sure that your software and your procedures are as prudent as possible. I think that many people just apply for a merchant account and use it without giving it the attention it requires. Unfortunately, I don't think the merchant banks are much help. For them, chargebacks are just part of their administrative workload. If you get too many, they drop you. From my own experience, I have found nobody on the bank side who really understood the ins and outs of credit card fraud detection.

    Another alternative is to let someone else manage it for you. I do that with for clients who use my account, and for one client with his own merchant account, who can now detect fraud about as well as I can (other than looking at SQL activity and detecting people who are trying to guess credit card numbers and expiration dates).
    Valerie Magee

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