Hi there,

I've been building a website which is transportation related and would like to try having a few select affiliate websites promote my site. As it is quite a targetted niche market I wish to capture (only australians and only people requiring delivery of goods), I have found about 10 particular sites in mind that I'd like to offer directly to become my affiliates. So I need to contact them and offer them a good deal.

But I'm not sure where to start in terms of what software I could use? Like a lot of people I'm running on a tight budget for startup costs, and would like something fairly simple that will keep my affiliates happy and work good enough to do the basics of tracking customers who sign up and being able to pay the affiliates correctly. My site is also going to run free for the first month and the affiliates would only get paid when an actual transaction occurs on the website, so I would need teh follow through transaction recorded so as to determine the pay structure.

While the site will take a bit of time to get profitable I'm positive it will be a snowball effect and really take off. If any OPMs (i just learnt that word today) are interested in quoting for some technical and marketing advice perhaps we could work something out, please message me. The best I could offer financially at this stage via cash woudl be $100, but could definately work out an ongoing commission. I know it's not much for now but I think the rewards are down the track.

I'm grateful for any advice.