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    Question Bad usage of PPC ads - please advise
    We have recently started a new affiliate program, and came around with a case of bad ppc usage by one of our affiliates.

    What he does is advertising our company name as a keyword for the ads, so when a customer search for our store in the main search engines, his ad pops first and the customer clicks it.

    It dosen't seem right to me. I don't mind adverstising any product on our site, just not my company brand.

    What do you think?? please advise how I should act with this affiliate.


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    What does your terms of TOS state about PPC and restricted keywords? That would be the first place to start.

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    You should have clearly set the terms and conditions before you opened your program.

    You do not have to allow this kind of behaviour, but you have to make sure that you state in your T&C that it is not allowed.

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    It's a common problem as some affiliates find it hard to resist the temptation of bidding on merchant's brand name. First thing you can do now is review your TOS on PPC and search engine bidding. If it states that such practice is not allowed, then you can reverse the commission. Make sure you give a warning to the affiliate so this will not be repeated. You can also remove him from the program.

    Now, if the restrictions are not clear on your TOS, you need to revise it immediately and have your current affiliates agree on the new terms.
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    You might also want to consider allowing affiliates to bid on branded keywords, especially if they manage to be more productive then you at converting customers. Obviously if their site does not adhere to your branding goals, you need to revise your policy.

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    Why you guys are so annoyed about the PPC on brand name.
    But, I have read some articles, still have no idea why you are so annoyed.
    In my opinion, if your brand is newly built, I think it's ok for your affiliates to bid ads on your brand. If you brand is so famous, that means affiliates will have some shortcuts to get the commission through PPC on your brand, am I right ?
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    Because if an Affiliate is only bidding on your brands, whether they are new or not, they are adding zero value to you. Instead they are relying on you to build customers and advertise so they can profit off of your hard work. That is the issue. Why should you have to pay for people you already have as customers or are spending money on to turn into customers?

    You have to add in even more costs to the equation like where did the customer come from, was it a tv ad, radio ad, magazine ad, etc... and now you have to pay an Affiliate commission, network fees, Affiliate Manager salaries, etc... You all of the sudden may not be profitable because of the Affiliate who bid on your trademark. That is the short answer why many Merchants do not allow this in their programs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike255 View Post
    Why you guys are so annoyed about the PPC on brand name.
    Even with a small company they are still going to have a customer base who searches for them specifically. At this point the affiliate program cannibalizes the companies' own efforts IMHO

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