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    Thumbs down eBags Slashes Action Referral Period
    I received the email below this morning from eBags.

    "This message is to notify you we've made updates to our Program Terms which include:

    - eBags action referral period will now be 14 days. This change in referral period effects less than 1% of transactions."

    If it's true that slashing the referral period only effects less than 1 %, why slash it at all.

    Maybe it's because it effects greater than 1% and they want to take their cost cutting measures out on affiliates.

    I'm getting sick of merchants who are slashing their commissions and their referral periods

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    According to my stats on shareasale, 8% people purchased after 14 days.

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    If you are correct and this is true for most affiliates,eBags is being less than truthful and they are using affiliates as a financing tool (Generate sales without paying us).

    I checked other CJ merchants in their category. Unless all other CJ merchants follow suit, eBags will have a policy that is much less than their competitors.

    I have invited the affiliate manager to join this discussion.
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