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    About some bad image issues...
    Andy, is there any way to fix the broken images on the checksunlimited datafeed?

    This is nothing new, but I decided to ask now because I don't see anyone else asking...

    For example these images links don't work:

    Snow Days Labels

    Sophisticates Labels

    Wild Outdoors Labels

    Looney Tunes Favorites Red Labels

    Parchment w/o monogram

    Parchment w/o monogram

    Decorative Card Floral


    I am posting just 7 links so you get the idea, but there are many more like those...

    I have tried to work around some the broken images issue by not listing the image, or the thumbnail missing, or by swapping them around, but when there is something wrong written on the image, or the thumbnail field of the datafed, then I don't see nothing I can do on my site to fix the ugly [X empty image box], unless I disable all of the other products picture...

    It might not be a big deal on the main page of the checksunlimited products on a directory site, but on the actual one product page, or on a random check products page, it sure looks bad with those broken images...

    I know that you may not be able to fix that broken images issue yourself, but maybe you can give me some idea on how to stop those bad written images link, from getting uploaded to my tables...

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    I'm getting a new feed ASAP buddy ...
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