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    January 18th, 2005
    Is anybody else having problems with Azuregreen's Product links. Mine are being redirected to their new site "departments", but not to the product shown.

    I wrote to them and they replied that they were getting 30-40 orders a day so it must be working!

    I've taken the trouble to promote their products with special pages and this is the best reply they can offer.

    I changed all their links because of their new site and because they had requested it, and it seems to have been a waste of time.

    Is anyone else having the same problems? Perhaps someone can suggest another site that offers these sort of products (DIRECT) and dosen't send out replies like this without checking the links first? A site "witch" has more witches and less crystal balls.

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    January 18th, 2005
    I changed according to their new instructions and then had the same thing happen in short order. I then re-did the whole mess again using the CJ advanced generator. Those links seem to be holding up but I lost days and days of sales.

    I am so sick of what they did. I lost I don't know how much this year from them. The one I had used to replace most of Azuregreen's links was worse! They moved the entire site and caused all the links to go down for weeks. So, I lost the whole season with them, too and still don't have it fixed. If you go to Froogle and search for common Pagan items, many other programs can be found. I am going to be looking for others this year and have replacements ready to go for each and every advertiser next year. If Azuregreen and the other one hadn't let me down, I would have made a killing this month, I believe. I think it was on purpose, too.

    I use very limited Azuregreen stuff, now. I used to promote the whole line.

    If you find a good one, please PM me with the info.

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    It is very possible the fault does not lay with your merchant end of things - I am having the problem with other merchants links - one is having it fixed from the CJ end - maybe their was glitch in the new product catalog update we were subjected to last go around.


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    January 18th, 2005
    Thanks for the reply Anytown. I shall be having a good look for an alternative this weekend and will let you know if I find anything suitable.

    I too will be replacing most of my affiliate links next year, but it will take some time because I have a few hundred with CJ alone. I'm also looking at developing a "new" type of affiliate system that gives the affiliate complete control over the financial aspect of the orders. This too will take a little time to get up and running, but should eliminate the risk of "hijacked" sales and allow the affiliate to set their own profit margins. Watch this space!

    With regards to Abigail's reply. In fairness I don't think the link problem was caused by Azuregreen, the blame rests with the "Usual Suspects". However, they are sure to be losing some customers because of this and it would have been a good idea to have taken a few minutes to check this out. 30-40 orders a day might be good, but 50-60 would be better!

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