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    Okay to modify text in text links?
    Im sure this has been covered before but couldn't find it via search. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    Yeah it is find to modify them. Just don't change your url text or your sales will not go through. You might want to email the affiliate manager though just to double check with them. I can't speak for EVERY affiliate manager.
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    Yes, I have not had a problem at all. But like above, just email the AM and ask.
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    In fact, use your keywords in the anchored text too. It will help your SEO.
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    Some merchants would probably tell you that you are not supposed to modify the text, but I don't see how you can have a successful affiliate website if you are not allowed to make your site unique in every way possible, including altering the text in the links.

    If you find a merchant that does not let you change the text, then find a diifferent merchant.

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    I find that about, depending on which network, that a good percentage of them have spelling / grammatical errors. And some make no sense at all. For these reasons, I change them.

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