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    Lightbulb New InHouse Affiliate Tracking Software Needs Your Suggestions

    We are starting to build a inhouse affiliate solution for small business owners. We know aour potential and we know the industry needs a better inhouse tracking solution.

    A few negative points we have noticed about other solutions:
    - Useless reporting.
    - So many unnessicary data in reports. That means, system work slowly both for merchant and affiliate.
    - Ugly affiliate and merchant interfaces.
    - Expensive prices.
    - Bad subid tracking.

    We will keep it simple both for affiliate and merchant. And our main aim will be the give best benefits of affiate and subid tracking, different statical reports and graphics for merchant, clean and fast interface.

    It will have one full version with nearly 6 langueges. The price will be beetwen $30 / $70. No matter how work will it need or how long it will because we will program it ourselves near our main projects.

    Quality is our main point because we want to add value to our business with this launch.

    We need your opinions and suggestions. Please give some suggestions to our new affiliate tracking software for both merchant and affiliate faces of this industry.

    Thanks for your time you read this. Looking to hear some suggestions and opinions from you.

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    I see, that nobody responded to your post, so I decided to give you some advices.
    I own company, which develops Post Affiliate Pro - I think we will be competitors soon :-)

    I would like to suggest you to focus on following problems:
    - quality of tracking - e.g. our software supports cross-browser tracking (e.g. click is done in IE and sale in FF and PAP will track it correctly)
    - speed of tracking - it is more important as speed of user interface ! ... in the past our software was able to track about 10 transactions per second, now it is about 150-200 per second on same hardware (laptop in our office) ... BTW similar softwares in our pricing level is still capable to track up to 20 transactions per second
    - affiliate link formats - it is important to support all possible types of affiliate links, because each merchant requires different format, everyone wants SEO friendly links, etc.
    - integrations - you will need to support as much as possible integration methods - e.g. we have more than 60 integration methods and every week we have request for new method ... simply your system has to be possible to integrate with every shop and every payment processor if you want to be successful

    From our experiences is more important to focus on core affiliate marketing functions as on user interface.

    In case you will have ready first demo, let me know, I can give you suggestions what to improve.
    I don't care, if you will be next competitor of our product - competition is good for customers
    [SIZE=3][FONT=Arial]Viktor Zeman[/FONT][/SIZE]
    [B][URL=]Quality Unit [/URL][/B] Founder and [B][URL=]Post Affiliate Pro[/URL][/B] developer

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    I would REALLY like to see networks allow you to export merchants (approved or not) to an excel file or whatever with an option to choose which data you would like. For example; merchant id, merchant name, country, category, tracking link, homepage link, ect.

    Also, data feeds are important.
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    I think he didn't mean affiliate network software, but software for only one merchant, where export of merchants has no sense
    [SIZE=3][FONT=Arial]Viktor Zeman[/FONT][/SIZE]
    [B][URL=]Quality Unit [/URL][/B] Founder and [B][URL=]Post Affiliate Pro[/URL][/B] developer

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