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    The Adopted 7 Years Old Boy Returned to Russia...
    This is BS...

    They should never be able adopt another child again.
    No one here seems to have expected such a thing. Shelbyville, an hour south of Nashville, is a quiet, horse-loving town of 20,000 where nearly everyone seems to know a family from church that adopted a little boy or girl from somewhere. Now, an adoptive family not many people knew Torry Ann Hansen, 33, a registered nurse, and her mother Nancy Hansen is being visited by the police and Russian reporters in red loafers.

    Several other neighbors said the Hansens seemed somewhat disconnected from the community. The boy appeared to be home-schooled and the family did not go to the churches close by. It was hard to relate when so few details were known, they said, but even if Justin threatened violence, as the Hansens claimed, residents said he should have been dealt with here, not shipped home like a faulty product. Source:
    What about if they had a natural born autistic child, would they have send it back thru their original birth canal?

    I believe that:

    If they can't deal with a 7 years old kid, they should not have any kids!

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    Yeah I read about it and had the same reaction. It's disgusting -- just totally disgusting. In the article that I read, the little boy said the woman was mean and pulled his hair. I can't imagine a situation where I would "pull" a child's hair. It's all so sad for the child and will no doubt damage him. They treated him like a bad piece of merchandise. It just makes me wonder what is wrong with this world. How can people do such things...??

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    Perhaps it's part of a consumerization of American life. In areas of life that never used to be judged by consumer standards, more and more they seem to creep in. People "return" spouses in a ~50% divorce rate, and now apparently they are returning children. Not a healthy value set, IMHO.
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    OMG - this is a heartbreaking story. How people can survive with such cold hearts is unimaginable.

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    I didn't know you could return babies.

    But this is sad, the poor kid is going to have problems after this.
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