Wow! I've seen some terrific program growth in my time, but this is absolutely fantastic!!

The Discount Tire program, available exclusively on, celebrated a 167% growth in affiliate driven sales month over month from February to March! February was 6 figures alone, and we were able to GROW 167% in March!

If you have an auto parts site, a wheels site, a tire site, a how to change a tire site, a family site, a local based site, a deal site, etc. - YOU should be promoting Discount Tire and enjoying the DOUBLE COMMISSIONS they are paying to all affiliates in April - 10%!

Rich and Darryl are committed to seeing growth in the affiliate channel, as evidenced by their strict no funny business policies and the recent increase in cookie duration to 30 days.

Feel free to reach out to me for specific creative sizes, promotion pages, etc. I'm happy to help!