I didn't want to take away from Havahart's new program announcement today so I started a new thread with my question. I could ask this same question to a lot of brand owners who decide to open their own site and theoretically compete with other channels that sell their products.

I'm not trying to be smart but why should I try to promote a Havahart trap for $67.45 when I'm already promoting it from one of your retailers that has if for $49.95. The exact same trap.

Promoting it direct from you the brand owner will get me 6% with a 15 day cookie where your retailer will give me 7% and a 60 day cookie. What is my incentive to get on board and swap links here?

It seems like this is the case whenever I sign up with the brand owner. They are just not competitive with their retailers. I'm thinking their is a no-compete agreement of some kind or fear of channel backlash. Please help me understand.

I had talked to Havahart a couple of years ago by phone and encouraged them to try an affiliate program, but this wasn't what I had in mind.