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    Question Any way to create ABW alerts?
    Couldn't find any way to do this in the Control Panel or by searching, so: Is there a way to create alerts on ABestWeb for specific terms? For example, I would want to get an email every time X merchant's name is mentioned in a thread, like a Google Alert.

    Before anyone asks, while I could use Google Alerts, it wouldn't email until Google indexed the page, and it wouldn't search private forums a user has access to. So, is there such a feature? If not, what does everyone else do?


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    I don't think what you seek here exists. I use the "Unread Posts" link and scan through that for interesting threads that have been updated. If I see a thread of interest and don't want to comment I'll use Tools/Subscribe in that thread. That will get me an email alert when someone adds to the thread.

    If I was interested in following a merchant I guess periodically using the Search feature would be the way to go.

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    I wish it did. I have to monitor at least 20 programs, including spelling variations, which adds up to a lot of searched. Maybe I can save all of the searches as Bookmarks in a single folder and use Firefox's "Open All In Tabs" function to periodically check them all. An alert system would be amazingly useful, though.

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    My vote is for google alert in the short term until something is uncovered

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    ABW gets spidered pretty fast so using their alerts should help you. If you are in private forums those should be places you would monitor manually I would think.
    Deborah Carney

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    You have to subscribe to all the forums you want a notice to and can get an immediate reply, daily or weekly summary. The RSS feed is the best way to screen posts. You have to have access to the private forums and they do not show up in the RSS.

    You can drill down into individual forums and get just that RSS:

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