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Thread: New API Beta Launch!

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    New API Beta Launch!
    Hello affiliates!

    We are pleased to announce the beta launch of our new API! Beginning on April 14th, our API will provide direct access to full scale product feed data – available in real-time, straight from our servers to yours and in the programming language of your choice.

    Designed to offer an expanding list of functions over time – including access to creative, voucher codes, and reports – our API also enables affiliates to create deeplinks directly from their Firefox browser. Check out the “endless possibilities” section below for more information on API capabilities in general.

    What is an API?
    An API (Application Programming Interface) is a technology that enables our servers to communicate directly with yours, in real time. This allows you to integrate data into your website dynamically.

    What are the benefits?
    Quite a few, but here are the highlights:

    No downloads, no data storage – many affiliates download and store datafeeds on a regular basis to ensure they’re up to date and relevant. By using our API, your site will pull in the very latest data directly from our servers, no feed downloads or data storage required. With less time spent making regular updates, you’ll have more time to focus on actual marketing.

    Endless possibilities – with direct access to raw, real-time data at your fingertips, you can create…well…just about anything. A few ideas include: shops, widgets, content units/aggregators, event or seasonal calendars, site level search, comparison shopping engines, social network applications, mobile applications, and any other tool or application you can dream up. In fact, recent articles in Adweek and Revenews argue that an API “may be the best weapon an Internet marketer has in their arsenal.”

    Ultimately, this technology can help you create more feature-rich and useful product driven websites that require less maintenance.

    What makes’s API unique?
    Our API is designed to be incredibly easy to use and a breeze to integrate – it’s unlike any other API we’ve seen.

    We use your language, you don’t need to adapt to ours – We provide SDKs (software development kits) in 8 different programming languages – including PHP4, PHP5, Ruby, Python, Java, C#, JavaScript and Scala – and more are on the way. Use the programming language that works best for you. Please note that SDKs are not required to use our API – you can simply choose your preferred data request and response type.

    We simplify the API integration process – Our team designed an interactive online documentation application that provides the following benefits:

    • Detailed information – containing examples of different ways to use all aspects of the API
    • Interactive samples – all based on the technology choices you select
    • Real information – all examples are live and will work once you start using them, simply copy them to your site

    Click here to get started!

    If you have any questions or would like more information, send an email to support[at] and add “API” in the subject line.

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    I'll likely be talking with y'all next week. I'm sure I'll be needing a demo of this to go along with what we'll be talking about.
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    Sounds great! We're looking forward to it

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    congrats, keep the benefits coming.
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