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    Hi folks, I emailed and called about our feed......

    can someone please contact us?
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    I do not think they come here any more, they may be upset that they did not win the Best Tool of 2009!!!

    For the life of me I have no idea how they got it in 2007 & 2008. It a great idea and product but the support, outages, slowness over the last 3 years does not make it the best. But I will give them credit the last few month I seen improvment and they changed their support emails system a bit. So maybe they will get my vote in 2011
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    I'm probably the only one on earth that doesn't do facebook but maybe you can contact them here:

    There are some merchant feeds that I have been waiting for them to update. The merchant says they updated the feed but the updates are not showing up in PopShops. At one time they said they did updates daily but I don't think this can be true anymore.

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    I looked up the requests you mailed to us and confirmed we've sent you responses about your feed but heard no response from your team - it appeared that you had gone quiet. Please look for another email from and email if you don't receive it this morning. In short, you need to fix the feed through the network so that we can publish it in PopShops. We access the feed from the ftp server - you should talk to your contact about that part. The feed is set up to detect any changes so when you fix it, it should show up in our QA queue. As of today there have been no updates detected in the last couple months.

    ABW members you are correct that this is not our primary means of communicating mainly because the nature of the alerts and messages we need to constantly be putting out don't work easily with a forum-type platform. Incidentally, some of you have noticed that we have a number of new support, communications and infrastructure systems that have been and are being rolled out.

    As for our updating our feeds, the imports and updates run around the clock, 24-hours per day, everyday.
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