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    We're announcing new features to help you continue to monetize your websites. Read below for information on WebSearch plus AdSense for search, and how you can make money from internet or site searches. Plus, find out about the features of the new AdSense preview tool, and how this tool can help you to manage your account. In addition, we've added support for four new languages.

    Please ensure that you read about the required account type selection. We're asking all publishers to make this selection before June 30.
    WebSearch plus AdSense for search

    AdSense now offers the ability to monetize web and site search! WebSearch plus AdSense for search combines Google's powerful search with monetized and customizable search results pages. Simply placing the code on any web page that meets our program criteria will generate a WebSearch box, allowing users to search without leaving your site, and providing additional revenue for you. Learn more.

    As an AdSense publisher, you automatically get access to Google WebSearch. To activate WebSearch simply go to your Account Information page and click on the Products link. Edit your Product settings to include WebSearch and a new top-level tab will appear for Search Settings.

    AdSense preview tool

    The AdSense preview tool is an exciting new tool that's loaded with features. Use it to preview the ads that would appear on any web page, from a number of geographic regions. Test out color combinations. Click through to advertiser sites without generating invalid clicks, and easily add their URLs to your URL filter list.

    For the full scoop, please read the Google AdSense Preview Tool FAQ at

    New languages available

    AdSense and WebSearch are now available in 4 new languages: Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish.

    Publishers may select their language preference from the Account Information tab of their AdSense account. Site copy and support communications are now available in these new languages, and AdSense ad code or WebSearch code may be placed on web pages with content in any of our supported languages. For a full list of available languages, please read our FAQ at

    Other improvements

    In addition to the new features above, we've added the following improvements to your account:

    More channels! You can now create up to 50 active channels for each of AdSense and WebSearch, for a total of 100 channels across your site.
    New ad format - the new half banner is a 234x60 horizontal banner, available for text ad units.
    Action required - account type selection

    We're requiring that all publishers select an account type for their AdSense account. Upon logging in to your account, you'll be brought to the Account Selection page, from which you'll be asked to select an Individual or Business account. Your selection will not affect the features or performance of your account, but will help us to streamline our payment process and protect you from identity theft.

    How to contact us

    If you have questions or comments about these new features, or about the AdSense program in general, please email us at One of our specialists will be happy to help.


    The Google Team

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    here is my suggestion

    1. Allow Text Link co-brand rather than using a banner on the result page. For text link co-brand, the top color table can be smaller in height.

    2. Allow search site option to search a group of domains instead of just one.

    3. Open individual result listings in a new window (optional)

    4. Able to select other font types.

    5. Able to select font sizes , bold , italic for search results listing.

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    You can simply create an image that isn't very tall for the top that emulates text. I'm not using a logo at the moment and the top bar is very thin. I realize I need to create a logo that is less than 50 pixels high, but this works for now.

    I don't think changing the fonts, etc. will have a positive effect since it's in my best interest to retain the Google brand because people trust Google. I even changed the text color back to black to make my results look more like Google.

    I'm not sure if it's against the terms, but you can add domains to the query through a hidden field. Amazingly, the code they give you is very modifiable. I emailed Google about how much the code can be changed. For example the background color may need to be changed for a site that isn't white.

    - Scott
    Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions.

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    Scott, thanks for your input.

    >>best interest to retain the Google brand because people trust Google.

    In fact I primarily want to bold the Page title only. Google search result is using bold page titles

    >>add domains to the query through a hidden field.

    Please show me how to add more domains to the code, I am idot.
    And I sure will ask Google first if this is OK.

    Please test if the sponsor ads will appear if there is no result return

    The only drawback for this sitesearch is the webpage database does not update often enough.
    And google may not spider all the pages compare to my own site search.
    I update my sitesearch database daily to reflect the change I made.

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