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    Hi everyone!

    I have read on here that some of you have sites that mix dropshipping and affiliate marketing, but I can't quite grasp the marriage between the two.

    Affiliate marketing - you send the customer to the merchant at some point.

    Dropshipping - you take the sale and the money, then the merchant sends the product.

    So I want to use a shopping card for the dropshipping item(s). So here's my problem/question:

    What if someone comes to my site and wants to order a product that is an affiliate product and one that is a dropshipping product? They can only add the dropshipping product to the shopping cart.

    Do you see my concern?

    How is this accomplished?


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    I personally would not do a mixed site...


    If i arrived at a site to hand over my money.. 1st thing on my mind is how secure is this site.. is it professional... if i see links out to other sites and then your drop shipping links... im gonna say screw you dude!!.. but thats my 2cents!!!, stick with dropship sites and affiliate sites keep them seperate..

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    There are several ways to accomplish this is a secure environment that makes the customer happy. If you have products to drop ship that you do not have an affiliate program for, there are ways to integrate both into your site. There are several people here at ABW doing this successfully.

    Yes, it does make sense for some products and markets, but of course, like anything else, it is a lot of work to implement and won't work for everyone.

    I know of several sites that use the PayPal cart or eMals carts to add the product buy links so that the whole site is not a shopping cart. Conversely, you can set up a shopping cart and the add to cart link can go to the affiliate merchant for the products that you wish to sell via affiliate programs.

    Some separation is better, because it confuses the shopper less.
    Deborah Carney

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    Better to not mix them at all. It creates confusion. 2 sites is better.
    Have you promoted your brand name today?

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