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    I was doing a search for something unrelated to jewelry, woodworking actually and this came up [URL Removed] I took a look at it and it looked just like those other cookie stuffer sites. I don't know if this really ids a cookie stuffer maybe someone can tell me but I do know it is a Linkshare merchant that is being used.
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    No auto cookie setting here that I see.

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    Just a keyword link stuffer making quick template pages probably doing only SEO/SEM marketing. Absolutely nothing on any page for the shopper seeking specific jewelry type items from search terms as this affiliate could give a crap about focusing the shopper to specific jewelry carried by Alle'. The Silver Jewelry page and all other links land the merchants home page.

    Guess this one learned that setting the cookie on a quick in/out from a SEO/SEM page beats having to work for a living pushing pre-sell spin. Gordo your correct in the exact same page structure has been used by hundreds of cookie stuffers who blindly set cookies on internal site links.
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    I hate pages like that, so worthless. Not helpful in the least to anyone. A total waste of time and SERP space.


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    PR=0 attempt to get ranking on "jewelry box plans" by a very new "newbie".
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